We quantify what people love about places (based on 290+ urban design features and 15+ years of empirical evidence) and forecast why it makes sense to make them better. We help cities and developers prioritize the most impactful placemaking and Smart City initiatives, identify projects with the biggest bang for the buck, and make the case for great places by literally calculating the ROI of investing in more walkable, livable places.


STate of Place Benefits

In Transforming Cities

  • Turn NIMBYs to YIMBYs
  • Maximize the Bang for Your (Limited) Buck
  • Economically Justify Your Placemaking Investments
  • Get Faster Project Approvals
  • Secure Funding & Buy-In 

In Progressive Cities

  • Enhance Your Economic Competitiveness
  • Benchmark Placemaking Efforts
  • Set Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Priorities
  • Quantify the Impacts of Your Smart City Projects
  • Advance Your Innovation Efforts


We also work with NGOs, community organizations, and academic institutions.

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