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Dr. Mariela Alfonzo will challenge your perception of investing in place and how it affects environment, health, and ROI. 

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Investment in place is not an expenditure, it is an asset. 

Dr. Mariela Alfonzo, "The Place Doctor"

 Proposed Topics

Data-driven Placemaking: Counting What Counts in Public Space

We all have our favorite streets, nooks, and other public spaces in the world, but what is the DNA behind what makes those places great? Micro-scale data is the magic sauce!

Book an on-site interactive workshop that's designed to help placemakers learn more about micro-scale urban analytics and how to facilitate walkability using data-driven placemaking. By relying on people-powered observation tools, even resource-constrained communities can gather the necessary data to increase profits, improve community outcomes, and offer more active transportation options.

Mariela Alfonzo will demonstrate how to collect and analyze urban data from a real site and in real-time during the conference session—all from the comfort of your seat. These findings will provide fodder for a conversation about what improvements could be made, lessons learned, and more.



Amsterdam, the Netherlands October 10-14, 2017

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
October 10-14, 2017