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Daniel Ma

Research Assistant Intern

Website: Daniel recently completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, where he focused on atmospheric and environmental physics. Daniel has been contributing to our urban analytics research, big data, and visual machine learning R&D projects.                        

Trello: Daniel recently completed his undergrad in physics at the University of Calgary. During his time there he did research in atmospheric and environmental physics. In the future, Daniel hopes to use his skills in the science or tech field. He joined State of Place to get experience with an exciting startup before likely heading off to grad school next year. In his spare time he likes to read sci-fi and new science research, play Smash Bros. with his friends, and learn music theory so he can pick up an instrument later.

Fun Fact: Stayed awake for over 24 hours two times just to collect some air samples.

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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