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And check out how State of Place can help you use data to quell naysayers, get project approvals and secure funding, faster and affordably. Let's make the case for great places!


Upcoming Events

Smart cities exchange 

Smart Cities Exchange.png
  • February 28, 2018

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Dr. Mariela Alfonzo will be speaking on the panel about "Place Intelligence: From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities".

Past Events

San Francisco Workplace Innovation Summit

  • November 17, 2017

  • Ghirardelli Square, 900 North Point Street, San Francisco

State of Place's CTO Andy Likuski is going to present at San Francisco Workplace Innovation Summit! Andy will talk about the importance of better urbanism to many of the largest problems in the world, such as climate change, and how we can use better software and communication technology to augment rather than replace traditional urbanism.

Free webinar: Walkability and quality of place

  • November 2017

  • Online (via our webinar software)

This is a makeover session of Dr.Mariela Alfonzo's workshop at Placemaking Week Amsterdam 2017. We'll show that in even in amazing European cities like Amsterdam there's still room for improvement in walkability and quality of place! Check the analysis of five sample city blocks and sign up for the webinar (sign up in advance, the space is limited!).


Lee Highway Alliance Educational Forum on the State of Place

  • Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

  • 4620 Lee Highway, St. 208 (above Long and Foster)

  • October 21, 10-11:30am

Educational Forum on State of Place data and urban design recommendations. State of Place's team members Alli Torban and Michael Anthony will present their data driven analysis of five blocks of the Lee Highway corridor. State of Place team presented the ways to make Lee Highway more walkable, more liveable, and SMARTer!


Measuring the Experience of place 2017

  • Stockholm

  • September 21-24th, 2017

State of Place's CEO Mariela Alfonzo is thrilled to be invited to this event, hosted by the Ax:son Johnson Foundation! Neuroscience has the potential to transform architectural practice and education by giving scientific insight into how humans experience buildings, towns, and cities. The ultimate goal of the meeting is to advance the collection and publication of sophisticated data about the experience of place. The agenda is to focus on three factors needed to do that: better funding, inter-professional collaboration, and the communication of these ideas to the public. 

More Information:


2017 Placemaking Week (cancelled)

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • October 10th - 14th, 2017

Track: Place-led Development & City Making: From one-off projects to systemic change
Topic: Harnessing the Power of Technology & Data to Help Make Places Better

We all have our favorite places, streets, nooks in the world - come join State of Place's interactive workshop to discover the DNA (290 data points that surround us all day everywhere we go) behind what makes those places great! Micro-scale data is the magic sauce! Registration at the regular rate is now open here.


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 4.39.33 PM.png

Winnipeg, canada

  • September 12-16, 2017

  • RBC Convention Centre at 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3, Canada

The International Downtown Association is the premier organization for urban place professionals who are shaping and activating dynamic city center districts throughout North America and growing rapidly around the world. Our amazing CTO Andy Likuski visited the IDA Conference.


puebla, mexico

  • June 27-29, 2017

  • Centro Expositor, Puebla, Mexico

Under the motto “WeGov: People and Government for the Common Good”, Smart City Expo LATAM Congress wants to become a reference event and foster a sustainable and equitable urban management for the development of territories and cities in Latin America.

Smart Cities Expo 

Smart Cities Expo 

During three days, internationally renowned speakers will explain, discuss, inspire and exchange the most innovative ideas for the smart development of cities. Furthermore, we will celebrate the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress Awards , aimed to recognize the most sustainable and innovative projects developed in cities all around Latin America. 

The session will be about data-driven projects, with different experiences on big data and data-related strategies to improve city services and urban issues. We’ll present data-driven placemaking and how the use of data analytics can ease decisions on urban design and other fields.

  • Wednesday May 3, 2017 at 1:30pm

  • Duggal building at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Building 268, 63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201)

SMART CITIES NYC ‘17 is the first conference and expo that curates the intersection of technology and urban life, which features three engagement platforms, world-renowned speakers, and a multitude of public events.

On May 3rd, the Founder and CEO of State of Place, Dr. Mariela Alfonzo will present at the COMMON GROUNDS panel discussion together with:

  • Adrian Benepe, SVP and Director of City Park Development Trust for Public Land
  • Lela Goren, Founder, Lela Goren Group
  • David Miller, President, World Wildlife Fund Canada

Please check the full schedule here and email us if you'd like to get 25% OFF the tickets!

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.25.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.07.49 PM.png
  • Friday, May 12th, 9:30am
  • Aloft Detroit at The David Whitney (1 Park Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226)

ELGL is a group of innovative local government leaders with a passion for connecting, communicating and educating.

On May 12th, the Founder and CEO of State of Place, Dr. Mariela Alfonzo, along with Todd Scott, of the Detroit Greenway, will participate in: Balancing Act: How Detroit & Other Communities Balance Walking and Biking. 

Cities have many priorities from public safety to clean water, but how do communities balance walking and biking with those other priorities? Two panelists come on to share their perspective from Detroit Greenway and State of Place.

Dr. Alfonzo will also demo State of Place at the ELGL Technology Learning Lab

  • Friday April 28, 2017 8:00am - 2:00pm
  • Georgetown University (640 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC)

A half-day interactive workshop seeking to advance the networks of researchers and practitioners developing new applications and solving big and small problems at the nexus of cities, technology and information.

10:30am Place Management: The New Practice

11:15am Roundtable Dialogues: The New Place Management