Your Place Therapist Awaits!

Welcome to our "safe place" - where you can talk to us about the struggles and challenges you're facing in creating the walkable, livable places that you know you need to deliver in order to remain economically competitive, resilient, and sustainable, especially in light of the uncertainty that awaits us all in 2017! So far, your most common pains are: 

  • Budget constraints and justifying the ROI of walkability & placemaking
  • External and internal resistance to your walkability & placemaking visions, plans, and projects
  • Lack of tools/data to communicate the power of "place"
  • Lack of quality data on the built environment/walkability/livability to make better decisions
  • Addressing the demand for walkability

We would love to discuss whether and how State of Place can help you identify the kinds of changes that would maximize both quality of life and economic development as well as arm you with the data you need to justify the need to invest in better places and convince all the naysayers. In other words, we want to help save you time, money, agony - and give you back a little bit of your peace of mind - in 2017...Let's talk! Please choose Mariela or Semrin below! Michelle, our COO, is great too - but is busy handling operations, resourcing, HR, um, keeping the lights on!