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Data to create places people crave.

People want more livable cities. We help you use urban amenity data to Plan, Deliver, and Invest in irresistible places people LOVE…

…making Citymaking easier, more fun, effective, and cost-efficient…


See How State of Place Can Help You!


State of Place’s AI-driven built environment database, benchmark, and predictive analytics software helps citymakers use data to make better citymaking decisions and therefore make it easier to communicate the WHY behind those decisions. This saves citymakers time and money, and optimizes outcomes they care about - increasing value, while creating a more just, livable, sustainable built world - for all…



Walkability & livability based on 300+ urban amenities



Action what matters based on your goals



SimCity-like scenarios & built-in recommendations!



Optimize outcomes and quantify benefits



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WHAT: State of Place quantifies why people are drawn to live, work, and play in places - based on 290+ urban, street-level amenities. We pull this “micro-scale” data together into an easy to understand index, scoring from 0-100, and sub-indices measuring 10 areas of performance.

BENEFITS: Understand the assets and needs of blocks, neighborhoods, districts and markets. Discover value-add opportunities. Benchmark existing places.

USES: Comprehensive/General plan updates. Masterplanning. Capital improvements budgeting. Asset Management. Land acquisitions. Siting. Tenant rep management.


WHAT: State of Place’s proprietary forecasting models show that most urban amenities matter more than others depending on what matters to you.

BENEFITS: Prioritize opportunities, planning, and development changes most likely to meet your goals. Get automatic recommendations for how to maximize the social, environmental, and economic “bang for the buck.”

USES: Resource allocation; Redevelopment strategies; Conceptual planning; Asset allocations and dispositions



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WHAT: Like playing SimCity in real life, for the first time, our scenario tool allows citymakers to quantify the impact of proposed projects, taking the guesswork out of planning and development.

BENEFITS: Choose alternatives that will make places more walkable, livable, sustainable - and irresistible - and know it from the start. Objectively market your proposed projects to get more LOIs faster, increase the ROI of your marketing efforts. Benchmark your projects against existing competitors. Raise your brand profile.

USES: Scenario planning, brokerage strategies, community engagement, charrettes. RFP evaluations.


HOW: Our forecasting models allow us to calculate how improvements to urban amenities and the built environment translate into value creation. We can estimate changes to real estate premiums, value capture, return on investment, the likelihood of collisions. And with our adaptable methodology, we can soon forecast GHGs, air quality, vehicle miles traveled, health outcomes, productivity and more!

BENEFITS: Optimize resource allocation. Maximize upside value of your investments - across the triple bottom line. Quantify the impact of proposed projects. Make the (investment) case for better places. Convince those NIMBYs!

USES: City council presentations, RFP submissions, community engagement, asset management strategy, brand and marketing strategies, budgeting, Vision Zero strategies, Climate Crisis mitigation, Value-based care positioning



For city planners, designers, transportation agencies, BIDs

For real estate developers, brokers, investors