June 20th, 2017

Only .5% of Smart City Startups Were Accepted into Kickstart Accelerator...And We're One of Them! Zurich, Here We Come!  

Zurich, CH June 19, 2017 - We are SO honored, humbled and excited to have been accepted to KickStart Accelerator, the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet! We're excited to join the other 8 Smart City startups - and 22 other startups across the Fintech, Food, and Robotics/Intelligent Systems (chosen from over 1500 who applied) for this fantastic, fiercely challenging, four-month ride!

“ We can’t wait to tap into the broad expertise of the Kickstart Accelerator team and the sophisticated European Startup community to help us moneyball city-making. It is high time we disrupted the planning and real estate industries - replacing the pervasive, opinion-based, expert-driven approach accessible only to a few, with an evidence-based, data-driven one, accessible to the MANY! Let’s do this thing!”
— Dr. Mariela Alfonzo, Founder & CEO of State of Place

As part of the Kickstart Accelerator program, State of Place will gain access to established market players, such as PWC,  receive specialized advice on venture building, advance proof-of-concept with corporate partners, and of course, programming aimed at "Kickstart(ing)" us into gear! The accelerator begins on September 4th and culminates on November 17th on Demo Day and provides 15K of equity-free funding up front with the opportunity to receive an additional 25K at the end of the program. 

State of Place (as many of you know) is a predictive analytics software that quantifies what people love about places and why it makes economic sense to make them better to help cities and developers quell naysayers, get approvals, and secure funding, faster and more affordably than hiring consultants. We're a women-led team of passionate city lovers and data geeks making the case for great places! 

Throughout the 11-week program, we'll capitalize on the momentum we've already built via our SBIR funding, the honor of being chosen as the top 21st company serving #localgov by ELGL and of our Founder being named as an Associate Fellow for Placemaking by the New Cities Foundation, and the excitement around our 6 giveaway cities looking to make a case for great places! And of course, we will build upon the invaluable guidance we are already fortunate enough to be receiving as part of the MassChallenge Accelerator, based in Boston, which we began late June. We will leverage both Mass Challenge and now Kickstart's amazing program and network to continue to work toward becoming THE international Smart City and placemaking benchmarking, decision-making, and communication tool for city-makers! 

State of Place is moneyballing city-making: Smarter Data. Better Places. Get it Done! 

"Kickstart Accelerator offers startup-friendly benefits packages. Unlike other leading programmes, it takes no equity, provides no strings attached funding and gives access to some of the best known corporates locally and internationally. Having such strong corporate backing is one of Kickstart’s most significant differentiators and allows startups to benefit greatly from partnering with well established market players."


Thanks to all you data-geeks, place-lovers, and State of Place enthusiasts for believing in us and in our mission to make the world a better (more sustainable, livable, and equitable) place to live!


Mariela Alfonzo, PhD                                                  

State of Place

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