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Liv Anderman

Website: Liv completed her legal training in one of the leading firms in London before co-founding 2-3 Hind Court, a niche service within the legal market, and moving to Portland, OR. She is passionate about business development and helps representing State of Place in the Northwest USA.

Trello: Liv is a marketing and sales intern at Sate of Place. She recently moved with her husband to the USA from London, where she worked as a barrister (an attorney in the UK specializing in courtroom litigation). Liv completed her legal training at one of London's leading firms and established her practice there before co-founding a new firm from scratch (2-3 Hind Court) to respond to the need for a niche service within the legal market. As part of a team of 13, Liv was involved with all stages of business development from initial phase marketing to getting clients through the door. She remains associated with the firm as a door tenant. Liv is a graduate of the University of Oxford and London's City Law School. She was called to the bar by Middle Temple in 2009. Liv has a passion for building business and client relationships and has since taken an advisory role with other start ups. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, she also volunteers for ScoutSavvy (a startup diversity recruitment platform) and spends free time eating her way around Portland's restaurants -oftentimes in furtherance of her search for the perfect burger.

Fun Fact: Has worked a wine harvest, taken a course in Egyptian hieroglyphs and can peel a banana with her feet!

Location: Portland, OR

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Skype - olivia.j.harris
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