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A CityMaker by Any Other Name? Quiz Time!

We're more than half way through 2018! Go ahead, let that sink in. If you're like many of the citymakers we know, you're either scurrying to get your project approved (damn those pesky naysayers), struggling to convince multiple stakeholders why it makes sense to spend money on your awesome project, or are aching to integrate more datadriven approaches so you can optimize your goals. But these are your challenges. What is your vision? What gets you up in the morning (or keeps you up at night)? What drives (ahem, actively moves) you? What is your rai·son d'ê·tre as a Citymaker? Don't know? Not sure how to articulate it? Well, you're in luck- we've created a Buzzfeed-inspired super awesome quiz to help you find out what kind of Citymaker you are! Get after it - not only is this a much-needed distraction, it's actually still work-related! Can't wait to find out who our lovely citymaking friends are! ;)