Data-Driven CityMaking: Evidence-Based Design for People Places

After a little 6-week hiatus, which we promise will end (with a roar) next week, we wanted to make sure we weren’t totally ghosting you and make sure you got your dose of all things placelover and datageek, so please spend the 20 minutes you would have spent with us over the past 6 weeks of blog posts with this seminal Ted-style talk on citymakers must incorporate a more data-driven approach to creating places ALL people love, that can make us happier, healthier, save our planet - and actually maximize the bang (ahem, return on investment) for the buck while at it. PLEASE enjoy! :) And if you’re so inclined, feel free to request a demo or start a free trial (below) to find out exactly how we can help you use data to save time, money, and unlock value across the triple bottom line while getting awesome places done!

Mariela Alfonzo