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Oh, The Places We'll Go (Together)

Oh, The Places We'll Go (Together)

What were the most pressing challenges and concerns for you awesome, relentless warrior place-makers in 2016? And how can we help you (if you would honor us with the privilege) help you crush them in 2017? Today's blog reveals the top four challenges faced by cities and developers who are creating walkable, livable places based on our discussions with over 100 of you so far! In preparation for the official launch of our newly updated software that helps cities create and justify better places, we want to know if these challenges resonate with you and learn more about your placemaking pains. But most importantly, we want to explore how State of Place can help you identify the kinds of changes that would maximize both quality of life and economic development as well as arm you with the data you need to justify the need to invest in these projects and convince all the naysayers. In other words, we want to help save you time, money, agony - and give you back a little bit of your peace of mind - in 2017...






Return of the Urban Detective:

Return of the Urban Detective:

A few weeks ago, I posted about how using State of Place turned me (and my mom!) into an urban detective. Today, as promised, I’m sharing what I actually found. Don’t worry, it’s only slightly technical - but I promise you’ll come away with a much better understanding of how green space influences walkability and how State of Place helped me quantify that.  

Call for Interviews with Cities and Developers Striving To Meet Demand for Walkable, Livable Communities

Enabled by funding from the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation and Research Grant program, State of Place is developing a predictive urban data analytics platform that ties place to economic value, launching this summer!

To date, we have spoken with over 50 cities and developers to better understand the challenges they face addressing the ever increasing demand for walkability. Among their biggest pain points is convincing stakeholders (lenders, residents, developers, tenants, and staff) that an investment in walkability is actually worth it - both in terms of dollars and cents and quality of life.

We've since been hard at work on a solution to help cities and developers not just heed the fact that walkability is now key to economic competitiveness - but capitalize upon it!

We are now looking to speak with additional cities and developers who are striving to create walkable, livable places and gather their perspectives and advice on our solution. We have also collected a lot of market intelligence that we believe cities and developers would find useful and would like to share those insights.

If you are interested in joining us for a quick 20-minute chat in the next week or two, please book a time with us below. 

Looking forward to connecting.

Mariela Alfonzo, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
ULI 40 under 40