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by Dr. Mariela Alfonzo and State of Place Team


Metaprop & MIPIM Proptech summit, new york city

In October 2016, State of Place has been selected as a semifinalist at the "Smart Cities" category of Metaprop & MIPIM Proptech Summit in New York City. The event was held under the umbrella of the New York City Real Estate Tech Week that lasted from September 26 to October 7, 2016.


Walk21: walkable and liveable communities, Hong Kong

In October 2016, Dr. Mariela Alfonzo, the founder of State of Place, presented at Walk21 "Walking and Liveable Communities" conference in Hong Kong. Walk21 is a global leader in championing walking.


Improving Houston's State of Place: The Economic Case for Making Houston more Walkable

Dr. Alfonzo’s presentation describes how State of Place, an urban data analytics platform, helps both public and private entities understand how to make economic investments in walkability that will pay off in the marketplace.
Walkability is increasingly tied to both emerging market preferences and business success. Almost 80% of millenials want to live in walkable places. In 2011, 58% of venture capital in the Top-5 U.S. markets went to firms located in walkable areas. Yet, walkability seems out of reach in many American cities – especially Houston. Two key barriers account for this difficulty: First, stakeholders often lack  effective interventions or investments, especially in light of fiscal constraints. Second, and perhaps more pressing, stakeholders find it difficult to communicate and justify the benefits – especially economic benefits – of walkability. Dr. Alfonzo’s presentation shows how data-driven storytelling can pave the road for people-first urban design, even in face of auto-dominated landscapes like Houston.