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State of Place Chats & Talks

Our Founder & CEO, Mariela Alfonzo sure "gets around the block" - literally and figuratively! Check out a selection of some of her past talks and find out where the world you can see her next. If you'd like to bring Mariela to a block near you, please check out our speaking inquiries and requests page

Parksify podcast: the role of data in the future of city-making

Data is becoming a key part of the equation - whether you're trying to "fight the good fight" or more generally are trying to incorporate more data-driven, evidence-based approaches to planning and design. Founder & CEO of State of Mariela Alfonzo discussed the role of data in the future of city-making with Parksify's Ash Blankenship. 

Walk21 Conference, 2016

Moneyballing City-Making: Harnessing the Power of Technology and Data to Help Make Places Better

Location: Hong Kong

Speaker: Dr. Mariela Alfonzo

Urban Innovation and Design Track.

Institute for Quality Communities conference, 2015

Defining Great Places

Location: University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Speaker: Dr. Mariela Alfonzo

Mariela Alfonzo describes her methodology for measuring great places. What aspects of the built environment can be measured, and how can these measurements help us make decisions that lead to quality places?

Lean Startup Conference, 2014

Why Cities are Zombies and how lean placemaking can save them

Location: San Francisco

Speaker: Dr. Mariela Alfonzo