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Tap into our database of 1.8M urban design features to see how your community measures up, play SimCity & create a plan to GET WALKABLE, and calculate your plan's ROI so you can get Awesome Places Done!


State of Place is a software that quantifies what people love about places & automatically recommends the best ways to make them Smarter (walkable, livable, & sustainable) AND maximize ROI, quickly and affordably. State of Place is like your very own in-house consultant - putting 20+ years of urban design research and know-how at your fingertips - so you can Get it ALL Done:

  1. Maximize walkability, quality of life and  ROI by identifying design changes and development projects with the biggest bang for the buck.

  2. Save time and money by giving you the data you need to get your projects approved, funded, sold, and raved about without enduring hours of contentious meetings.

  3. Start making data-driven, evidence based decisions, streamline your organization, and facilitate innovation.

Join the Smart(er) City movement - where we don't just tell you how you're performing today, but ALSO show you how to become the city you aspire to be! 

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