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We. Are. Placeoholics...


Moneyballing City-making...

State of Place is the manifestation of our passion - we quantify what people love about cities and why it makes economic sense to make them better. We help cities make the data-driven case for great places - to quell the naysayers - residents, developers, traffic engineers, elected officials - so they can get their visions approved, attract more people and firms, and enhance their economic competitiveness.

Our vision is to fundamentally disrupt this pervasive mentality:

"Do as I say because I "know" I'm right"

"Do as he says because of who he is"

"Do as they did because look how cool what they did is" 

And replace this ideologically-based expert-driven approach accessible only to a few, with an evidence-based data-driven one accessible to the many. State of Place isn’t just moneyballing city-making, we are leveling the playing field.