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Will Cook, MDS

Business Development Strategist

Website: Combining his experience from CNU and Sebastian Mariscal Studio, Will promotes the invaluable services that State of Place provides for planners, developers, and communities looking to improve walkability and financial success. He holds a Master's in Sustainable Design from the Boston Architectural College.

Trello: After completing his Masters degree in Design Studies and Sustainable Design at the Boston Architectural College, Will combined these skills with his previous nonprofit program management experience. Initially, he served as Program Assistant at the New England Chapter of the Congress For New Urbanism, where he helped launch the Technical Assistance Panel program and the Build Maine conference.

Subsequently, he went to work for Cambridge, MA-based developer, Sebastian Mariscal Studio as the company’s Community Engagement & Operations Manager. Here, Will co-wrote an RFP-winning proposal to redevelop the former Powder House Community School in Somerville, MA into a 48-unit residential and commercial development – a project that meets 29 of the 39 goals of Somerville’s Community Plan “Somervision”. During the predevelopment process, Will co-led a six-month intensive community outreach effort that resulted in unanimous neighborhood and city approval of the project before construction.

Will joined the State of Place team in May of 2017 as a Business Development Strategist to help promote the invaluable services that the Index and software provides for planners, developers, and communities looking to improve aesthetic, property value, walkability, and financial success.

Location: Boston, MA

Fun Fact: Will is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, backcountry camping and snowboarding, having ventured to mountain ranges such as the Rockies, Tetons, French and Italian Alps, and Sierra Nevadas. He hopes to take a trip to Patagonia in the next 2-5 years to tour the Andes.


Skype: willystyle1238


Instagram: @cook_wc