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Yuliia Sergeeva, MSc

R&D Intern

Website: Yuliia is currently pursuing her 3rd Master's degree in mechanical engineering at Western Michigan University, sponsored by a Fulbright Scholarship. She enjoys performing engineering tasks as well as loves communicating with people, being creative, and developing new solutions to pervasive challenges.          

Trello: I have recently graduated from my Master's in Mechanical Engineering at Western Michigan University. My Master's thesis is A Virtual Reality Based Power Wheelchair Simulator, where I had also learn basics of electrical engineering and programming. Before coming to the U.S. I was working for the Ukrainian-Dutch engineering company as a Sales Assistant and besides reaching out potential customers I was also helping to develop media and funding plans for an underwater drone startup.

I am an active person and I like to walk a lot. In the U.S. I learned that it is not as easy as easy as I used to. Therefore, I am excited to join State of Place on the great mission to improve the walkability and comfort of the U.S. cities!

Fun Fact: I have 3 Master's degrees in different areas of mechanical engineering. In 2015 I was running my own small home bakery in Ukraine (I can make amazing cakes). I love cooking and recently learned how to brew beer.

Location: Kalamazoo, MI / Metro Detroit, MI

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Skype - julia_sergeyeva
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