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Your Ultimate Guide to Walkability Assessment Tools

Unless you’ve been hiding away in some remote, rural cabin or been living deep in the (non-concrete) jungle, chances are you’ve heard of walkability. In fact, if you’re a placemaker - whether of the city planner or real estate developer variety - you know the demand for walkability is out of control, especially given the (sadly) low supply of walkable urban places in the U.S. And whether you’re an economic development director or public health specialist, you know that walkability impacts health, quality of life, location choices, and even happiness!

But, when it comes to measuring walkability, there’s less consensus. Sure, most folks know about Walk Score, but many understand it’s not quite the right tool for every context. So then what? What other tools are out there? What are the benefits and downsides of each? When should I use certain tools over others? Don’t fret - we’ve got you covered! We’ve done your homework for you! We compiled a list of the most popular and useful tools out there, and evaluated them based on various factors to help you decide which walkability assessment tool is right for your development project, neighborhood, or city. Delve in here and then download the guide to keep below!