Help Us Help You Get to Zero!

Update: Exciting news! As of October 19th, 4 days after this blog was initially posted — our application is a semifinalist in this challenge!

Thank you for your support our City of Tomorrow Pittsburgh Challenge application to create a Safety Module that predicts best urban design street improvements that will eliminate road deaths! Please check out the app if you haven’t already! Please also check out our video overview!

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking a LOT about how urban design can indeed be a matter of life and death via our Vision Zero series - Design for Our Lives. And we’ve put our money (in this case time) where are our mouths are with the City of Durham via their Innovate Durham challenge, in which we are working with the city’s Transportation Department to help them create a more data-driven approach to their Vision Zero strategy. But today, we’re hoping you can help us put your “mouths” where (Ford’s) money is and support our City of Tomorrow application to help the City of Pittsburgh Get to Zero - since “community support” is one of the factors by which they evaluate proposals! :)

So what exactly are you supporting you ask? Simply put, we proposed creating a new Safety module within State of Place that predicts urban design changes most likely to reduce - and eliminate - collisions, injuries, and fatalities - in other words, save lives (which builds upon what we are doing for Durham and actually integrates it into our software). Maybe you’re thinking, that’s cool Mariela, but I don’t live in Pittsburgh or I’m not from there - but today, we’re all Pittsburgh, because by showing your support for this project, you enable us to help you too - wherever you are! You see, once we understand how the State of Place Index and Profile impacts the likelihood of traffic collisions, especially those between motorists and pedestrians and bicyclists, in Pittsburgh, we can help you - wherever you are - identify how best to transform your current collision hotspots into people-first, safer places. And we can even predict areas where there are likely “near-misses” and fix them before any lives are lost. Ah, now you get it! A big thank you to all who commented, supported, and “hearted” our City of Tomorrow Pittsburgh challenge site here! You helped advance us as a semifinalist!

And if you’re so freaking excited about this that you want to get a jump start (on Pittsburgh or Durham), either schedule a time to demo the software or simply try it for free now!

Mariela Alfonzo