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Let Them Eat Place - And a LOT of It!

Just past the summer midpoint (gasp), if you're like us, you're getting a LOT of "out of office" auto-responders. Summer vacay season is officially upon us! So rather than give you a long (or short) read, we thought we'd put together a "best of place" video and podcast series that you can leisurely enjoy while sipping on that margarita (or if you're like us, "expertly" strolling down some walkable paradise, pinning for all that urban design goodness and wishing you could bring it back home to your city!). And for those of you still sitting behind your desk, stop scrolling Facebook and enraging your FOMO while looking at the requisite holiday pic of your coworkers feet on a lounge in front of a pool or beach and take a little break yourself that will actually boost your citymaking chops! Without further ado, eat your city-loving heart out with a slice (or two or five) of place-enriching videos and podcasts.




Good Ole 'Merican BBQ (42:44) 

And if you're hustling place like us and can't afford to be on vacay mode, dive right in and chat with us. We'll commiserate together over not being on that beach by getting geeky with data - oh and yeah, actually using urban design data to create awesome places people love and translating that into ROI so you can get them done! :)