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Oh Jolly Mall?

Two years ago, I wrote about comedy of errors type trip to the Houston Galleria - at the start of the holiday season. We thought it was appropriate to reprise this (slightly updated) story and once again take you along this not quite seamless journey - not merely because we are now T-5 days till Christmas but also because there are still countless malls across the U.S., struggling to reinvent themselves in light of the increased demand for more walkable, authentic places AND of course the dominance of online shopping, especially giants like Amazon. TLDR - State of Place can help mall owners, developers, and retailers identify the best properties primed for redevelopment, prioritize changes that are most likely to make the existing mall more walkable - and desirable, AND forecast how these changes will actually boost commercial (and residential) rents and revenues - and of course up ROI - so you can get the biggest bang for the buck AND truly make holiday shopping (and all other trips) jolly! Schedule a demo or sign up for your free trial to learn more!

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Deck the Malls?

The Role of "Place" in the Mall vs. "Tech Battle"

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Houston to attend the wedding of one of my dearest friends. All nuptials-related events went smoothly, except my trip to the (in)famous, Houston Galleria...Now, Houston has always held a special place in my heart. Many of you may not realize that Houston - of all places - was the birthplace of State of Place! Ever since, I've had an odd-couple-like love affair with Houston - I mean, it’s not like Houston is exactly known for its “State of Place.” But I suppose I was endeared by the sense of exploration it engendered. But driven by the need to quickly purchase two essential items for my friends' wedding, I decided to forgo my preferred exploratory Houston shopping method and hit up the Galleria. What ensued was a comedy-of-errors type experience - and of course, a harkening back to my dissertation days when I was studying the roll of malls in our society. Ten years later, it was interesting to think about what is key to ensuring the success of traditional, regional malls...

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