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Videos & Podcasts

So. Much. Content!! Watch and Listen to our Founder/CEO geek out about places and data all over the world! 


SCNY 2017 Talk - Common Grounds

Smart Cities New York 2017

Panel discussions about common ground between various stakeholders in the city-making process. SPEAKERS: Adrian Benepe, SVP and Director of City Park Develop- ment Trust for Public Land | Lela Goren, Founder, Lela Goren Group | Mariela Alfonzo, PhD, Founder, State of Place | James Ramsey, Co-Founder and Creator, The Lowline MODERATOR: David Miller, President, World Wildlife Fund Canada


Regen Cities: Access


A regenerative city is open and accessible. How we design our streets, workplaces, and cities influences the way we use them. With contributions from the Center for Active Design, State of Place and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, this video explores how we can build communities to improve access to health, happiness and opportunity.


Meet the Startup Making Cities More Walkable

Motherboard & Vice At Smart Cities NYC

The folks at Motherboard caught up with our Founder/CEO at Smart Cities NYC! Watch Mariela (in full glamour shot mode, haha) discuss why walkability is key to cities' economic competitivess and health!


Is now the best time to solve cities' problems with technology?

Cisco's Power of Technology Campaign

Cisco has asked Mariela Alfonzo, the Founder of State of Place, why there has never been a better time to solve problems with technology. State of Place is quantifying what people love about cities and why it makes economic sense to make them better.


Defining Great Places

Institute for Quality Communities, Placemaking Conference

Mariela Alfonzo describes her methodology for measuring great places. What aspects of the built environment can be measured, and how can these measurements help us make decisions that lead to quality places? This presentation is also available with closed captioning at iTunes U:


Lean Placemaking for Cities

Lean Startup Conference



The Peking Order

Talking Headways Streetsblog

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"This week on the podcast I’m joined by Dr. Mariela Alfonzo to discuss her recent paper, “Walkability, Obesity and Urban Design in Chinese Neighborhoods,” in the journal Preventive Medicine. The findings on both cycling and obesity might surprise you.

We also discuss how policy change works in Chinese cities and how much power mayors have to make those changes, as well as what motivates them. Perhaps my favorite topic was the Peking Order, or the level of importance assigned to each mode of transportation. Surprisingly, buses are first, but not for the reasons you would think. Join us as we travel east on this week’s Talking Headways."


Activity Centers in the D.C. Region

Mobility Lab: Live, Work & Prosper

Mobility Lab and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments present the first of two videos produced to describe the D.C. region's "activity centers" project.


The Case for Activity Centers in the D.C. Region

Mobility Lab: Livability

Mobility Lab and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments partner to bring you how transportation and planning are transforming the area.


Regional Business Talk Podcast

Dr. Mariela Alfonzo from State of Place is interviewed this week by roving Host Michael Scott. They explore the convergence between placemaking and economic development and the State of Place data driven index that categorizes communities into different levels of place quality and walkability based on ten urban design characteristics.

Nine To Noon Podcast: Urbanist Tommy Honey

Radio New Zealand National

Walk score, walkability and walkonomics.