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State of Place is an urban design database & predictive analytics platform that quantifies what people love about places (based on over 290 built environment features, like sidewalks, benches, trees); automatically recommends ways to make places more walkable, livable, sustainable; and calculates the ROI of doing so.

We help citymakers quickly and affordably: 

  1. Get approvals, funding, and buy-in, by helping them make a data-driven case for investing in better places; and

  2. Identify urban design changes that will deliver the biggest bang for the buck - all while using a fun, easy to use SimCity-like software.

Fundamentally, we're transforming the intuitive, gut-based, expert-driven approach to citymaking, accessible only to a few, into an evidence-based, data-driven one, accessible to the many, so we get awesome places people love - DONE - all over the world.

Can't wait to get your DataGeek on? Want to make the data-driven case for great places (like yesterday!)?

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