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Seeking Your Insights on Our Solution to Turn Your Placemaking Visions into Reality!

We've completed our NSF-funded software beta - but we still welcome (need) your input!

Over the past four months, we’ve shared our software prototype with nearly 70 cities striving to enhance their economic competitiveness by making places better. Cities have shared their struggles in this regard, including: getting their placemaking plans approved; getting buy-in from elected-officials, policy-makers, and other staff; dealing with NIMBYs; attracting interest - from qualified, mixed-use developers - in their development opportunities; stretching limited planning budgets; and a lack of access to quality built environment data.

But cities have also shared their excitement for a tool that can help them overcome these barriers... Perhaps this sense of hope is best expressed in the quote above. We agree that showing the economic why behind your placemaking goals, as shown in the screenshots of our software below, will help you realize them!



We would love to learn more about how telling these kinds of data-driven stories could best help your city. If you are interested in a quick 20-minute chat, please sign up here!


Mariela Alfonzo, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO of State of Place
ULI 40 under 40