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When Regifting is a Good Thing: Our Most Popular Posts of 2017

Season's Greetings from the State of Place Team! We hope that you're enjoying time with your family and friends. But, if Santa missed the mark this year, we'd love to make up for it by re-gifting (yes, it's ok!) our most popular posts of 2017...
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Walkability Assessment Tools. When it comes to measuring walkability, it's hard to tell which tool is best for your situation. We compiled a list of the most popular and useful tools out there and evaluated them based on various factors to help you decide which walkability assessment tool is right for your development project, neighborhood, or city.
  • E-Harmony For Cities. We weighed in on the Amazon HQ2 debate by showing how Amazon can use State of Place to wade through of all the proposals, new websites, and attractive slogans to objectively evaluate who truly "measures up." Do you agree with our pick?
  • Meet 6 Amazing Cities Trying to Make the Case for Great Places. Our giveaway competition earlier this year was a huge success, and we loved learning about the unique challenges in every city. From showcasing the economic benefits of revitalizing main streets to developing stronger community connection through placemaking, our giveaway winners are all on a mission to use data to make the case for great places. Which project is your favorite?

Inspired to use data to help your city reach its full potential? Watch our 1-minute demo video to learn about how we arm city-makers with the data they need to get their walkability projects approved and funded. We'd love to chat about your city's unique challenges - book your call with us now!